About Us

Our Mission

The Gathering Well supports, educates, and inspires adoptive and foster families with relevant connection opportunities and resources. We recognize Jesus Christ as the source of hope and healing, and believe that no one should be on this journey alone.

We are a board-run, 501(c)3 organization based in Sioux Falls, SD that exists to educate and create community among the courageous families and professionals who care for children from hard places.

Shannon and Cara laughing while reading a book

What We Do

Strengthening Families & Communities

The Gathering Well exists to empower families to be spaces where caregivers and children can heal. Through the use of research supported training and curriculum we are a community that seeks to learn, share, and heal together. We offer a variety of TBRI®-based programs to meet the needs of caregivers.

Customized Coaching and Training

For the caregiver or organization who desires a fresh perspective on specific needs for the children in their care, customized coaching and/or training is available to provide guidance, support, and practical strategies based on TBRI® principles.

Friends of the Gathering Well