Event Schedule

Monthly Family Gatherings

Welcome to our dining room table.  Make yourself at home – the place you can be 100% you, where burdens and celebrations are meant to be shared.  Through a combination of trauma-informed education, small group sharing and food (that you won’t have to make), our monthly family gatherings exist to remind you that you are not alone and healing is possible.

Making Sense of Your Worth

This 8-week program helps adults overcome their own painful pasts so they can be free to be the caregiver they desire to be.

Parenting for Positive Self Worth

This 8-week program focuses on learning a variety of parenting strategies designed to help adults parent their children in such a way that promotes healing from exposure to trauma. In addition, parenting strategies are designed to help parents establish positive self-worth in their children.

TBRI for Caregivers

This training is designed to help caregivers see and meet the needs of children and youth from hard places. This model is based on 3 sets of interacting principles: Connecting, Empowering, and Correction, moving from theory to practical application.